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2015-09-17 14:30:22Z from Apple

Outstanding Health And Wellness Company

This company and it's wellness team are the topmost experts in health, supplements, vitamins, nutrition, and motivation. They go above and beyond and truly help their patients, clients, and customers, in all aspects. I've death with many health companies, but Syc Mystic Universal Energy And Wellness is my favorite company and always will be. I've had the best experience with the Organic Essential Liquid Supplements, orders and customer service. I love the expert staff and the way they are here for me whenever I need advice, motivation, and nutritional counseling on my weight loss and other health issues. They have improved my health immensely. I weigh less and have not gained the weight back. My blood pressure has improved so much so, that my physician has taken me off of my medications. I love this company and thank them a million times!


2015-09-17 14:38:02Z from Apple

Superior Products

I must say, this company has the best ever health and wellness organic products. I have been loyally purchasing the Pure Supplements at Syc Mystic Universal for several years, because their products work the best of all others that I've tried. I've achieved superior results and have utmost confidence in the guidance that the experts here have given me. I feel like family whenever I consult with them, because they treat me so well. I feel and look better than ever and I owe it all to Syc Mystic Universal Supplements.

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2015-09-17 15:13:19Z

This Company is Really the Excellent Choice

My best friend highly recommended this company for its wide arrayof and TRULY BEST liquid vitamins and services. She had experienced problems with high cholesterol and other chronic medical conditions. Her colleague had referred her to Syc Mystic Universal and she was so happy with her esults, so then she referred me! And Oh, YES, am I ever happy she recommended them! I was already healthy and at my optimum weight. However, I had low energy and needed vitamins and supplements that would actually give me added energy. The staff at Syc Mystic Universal Supplements, especially Terry Raven, did a most excellent job at evaluating WHY I had low energy and getting me the exact right vitamins for me. Their signature line of supplements are the most advanced, organic, and best of all that I have evr purchased before. I gladly purchase their other signature organic products, for hair, skin, and body, as well, because I've seen the proof in how effectively and quickly they work. And, as an added bonus, this company never uses plastics or other toxic packaging. They use glass bottles, which, by the way, are absolutely gorgeous, handmade, and chemical-free. A better company does not exist.

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2015-09-17 15:55:08Z

#SycMysticUniversal is Great!

I started buying all-natural internal and external health products from this company 2 years ago and I LOVE everything I've bought. The essential oils are the best on the market. The organic essential oils are the main ingredients in their chemical-free vitamins and supplements and are far better than any other vitamins out there. I work with a lot of personal trainers and other people in the health industry in New York and California and they all agree that Syc Mystic Universal is hands down the best. I recently introduced my sister and fiancee to this company's line of products and they, too, are hooked. This is a company with integrity and pride in their products and services and name, and it really shows. Thanks for two years of consistently great products and service for myself and my loved ones, #SycMysticUniversal.

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2015-09-17 16:15:52Z

Achieved Fantastic Results!

I'm staying with these people at Syc Mystic Universal--their knowledge and advice is so good, it's off the charts. They helped my mother when she was overweight and had developed Type II Diabetes. Initially her doctor had prescribed her medications and a strict diet. It was really difficult for her. A close friend told me about Syc Mystic Universal and the results that she'd gotten by going to the company and using their products that she had ordered from their website. She was overjoyed with all the good thins they did for her. I listened to her and gave them a call. They took the time to consult with me over the phone (they have state-wide phone consults and sessions for everyone's convenience). I faxed them my mother's recent lab reports. They then ordered supplements based on what she really needed and gave her an in-depth health plan that was easy to follow and even enjoyable for her. About a few months later, my mother has lost a significant amount of weight, in a healthy way, and has kept it off. Best of all, it was a reasonable and fun way of dieting and she actually liked it. The supplements are liquid, so you know they work, because they do not contain chemicals or fillers like traditional pill-form supplements, therefore they fully absorb into the body and work very effectively. My mom had the best results with this company. Even her doctor has commented very positively on her improved health. I myself purchased some multivitamins and joint support supplements from this company and have seen great improvement. I so fully trust this company and feel so thankful to have found them.

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2015-09-18 14:55:58Z

Amazing Mind and Body Health Products

The brilliance of the caring wellness team at Syc Mystic Universal is why I stay with this company and only purchase all my health products here. Anytime I need advice on vitamins and wellness, I contact them and they're always available to walk me through it and fix me up with exactly what I need. My wife says I look better than ever, even better than when I had started going to gym(back when I was doing it on my own and thought I knew it all--GLAD my business partner told me about Syc Mystic Universal Energy And Wellness!). Now that I told my clients about this company and they see how much my body and health has improved, they're going there, too, for the products. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Found my go-to company.

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